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30 сен 2021
Results of the tourist meeting of LLC "Fruitreal" 2021 year

Results of the tourist meeting of LLC "Fruitreal" 2021

If someone says that the modern generation has forgotten how to rest, do not believe a single word: he can! Employees of LLC "Frutreal" once again proved this at the traditional tourist rally, which took place in a picturesque place near Polotsk on July 31, 2021. This year, a tourist meeting was held under the name "Legends of Cinema" and was timed to coincide with the Day of Trade Workers.

The event program included 5 blocks:

- grand opening with presentation of teams;

- sporting events;

- amateur competition;

- rewarding participants;

- musical dance and entertainment program.

In the struggle for valuable prizes, 4 teams clashed: "We4You" (a combined team of the legal department, analytics department, and finance and economics department), "Smeshariki" (a combined team of a warehouse complex, a department of experts and a customs declaration department), "ZLO" (a team department of procurement management and department of transport logistics), "Sunny Days" (the team of the branches of Bobruisk and Slutsk).

All teams showed a high level of training both in the sports part of the program and in the amateur competition. Employees of the company professionally perform their duties, but also demonstrated their talents at the highest level. This proves once again that our employees are positive, bright and incredibly talented!

The atmosphere of the tour is always energizing. Despite the presence of competition, it was evident from the happy eyes and cheerful smiles that the participants were coming off here to the fullest, with enthusiasm performing songs and improvised scenes that corresponded to the theme of the rally.

During sporting events, the teams showed not only their physical fitness, but also got the opportunity to reveal their other sides: the ability to work in a team, make operational decisions, use ingenuity and logic.

The program of the event ended with an award ceremony. Many employees were awarded gratitude for their professionalism, initiative in work, personal contribution to the company's activities, achievement of high results in the performance of their duties. According to the results of all stages of the tourist rally, the first place was shared by the teams "ZLO" and "Smeshariki". However, there were no losers that evening, all teams were awarded valuable prizes.

At the end of the program, all those present were awaited by a festive dance and entertainment program accompanied by live music performed by the Huga Boss cover band!

  • Own logistics center
  • 30 years work experience
  • Extensive network direct foreign suppliers
  • Seasonality change fruits and vegetables
  • Sales network in the country