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30 мар 2023
Our employees are our pride!

Today we will introduce you to Dobritsyna Alexandra Anatolyevna, today she is the Deputy Head of the Legal Department.

1. Alexandra, good afternoon. You have been with the company since 2015. Tell us how your career has developed, what has changed during this time?

- Good afternoon. I can’t say that my path in the company was easy and cloudless, probably like every employee who has been working here for more than one year. I had several areas of work, and I worked on each of those that are now in the department. I think it cannot be said that I went from simple to complex, because there are no simple sections, each had and still has its own snags. From two legal advisers in 2015, the legal support of Fruitreal LLC has grown to a department that was formed in 2019. For about three years I was the head of the legal department, for the second year I have been the deputy head and provide legal support for the foreign economic activity of the enterprise. In general, many changes have taken place at the enterprise since 2015: we opened new wholesale warehouses, received the status of an authorized economic operator, found new partners around the world and strengthened our relationships with old ones, began to actively develop our own retail business throughout the country, improved the work of the central warehouse, introduced address storage and much more. If you look at Fruitreal-2015 through the eyes of 2023, then today we are several, if not dozens, steps higher, and I am pleased to realize that I am also part of this success.

2. The most memorable moment during your work? (multiple possible)

- There are very memorable corporate parties and joint trips at Fruitreale. And as for the working moments, then, probably, in general terms, this is the first positive results on new projects and the words of gratitude from the management.

3. What did you dream of becoming as a child? Where did you study, was it your choice or your parents' choice?

- Since childhood, I dreamed of medicine. My mother is a doctor, and I really wanted to follow in her footsteps. But she didn’t just forbid it - rather, she strongly recommended not to connect her life with this profession. Also at different times there was a desire to become a veterinarian, a psychologist, a journalist. But this was not some kind of conscious desire, rather, an interest in these professions, caused by some events. Then I wanted to become a lawyer and in 2008 I entered the law faculty of Polotsk State University. The decision, of course, was made jointly with the parents, but they never insisted on something of their own, first of all, my opinion and desire were taken into account. I didn’t become a lawyer and, to be honest, I didn’t even try: even during my studies, I became interested in corporate law and work at an enterprise.

4. Name 5 random facts about yourself)

born on Friday the 13th
graduated from high school with a gold medal
I'm a shopaholic
I can't ride a bike
afraid of narrow passages
5. What are the main qualities that have made the company attractive for you for so many years now?

- Frutreal LLC is a company that does not stand still. There is no single-tasking here, no sense of routine, every day we do something new, we learn something together. And for the team to live not only with work, the company organizes wonderful corporate events and trips. It is important, of course, the level of wages, comfortable working conditions, microclimate in the team. I can say with confidence that we are not only a team where help and mutual assistance are not empty words, but also in a sense a family, because we spend more time at work than at home.

6. And finally, what would you wish the company, current and future employees)

- First of all, I would like to wish the company to continue to develop, expand horizons, be the first in the market, overcome difficulties and obstacles and continue to adhere to the course "I see a goal - I see no obstacles." The main thing in every company is people who can promote their product only by joint efforts. I wish each employee of Fruitreal LLC not only to remain a professional in their field, but also to improve themselves, while realizing themselves not only at work, but also in the family, in their personal lives, to find a balance between two important components - work and home. And to everyone who is just planning to become part of our team, I would like to say that success can be achieved only with hard work and your strong personal qualities, and if you are ready for this, be bold and welcome.

  • Own logistics center
  • 25 years work experience
  • Extensive network direct foreign suppliers
  • Seasonality change fruits and vegetables
  • Sales network in the country