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25 авг 2022
Summer, oh summer!!!

I so want summer not to end…

There are people who don't like summer and don't like corporate parties. But these definitely don't work on Fruitreal!

Corporate holidays are the key to healthy communication, fruitful work and a good atmosphere within the team! Employees of our company take an active part in corporate events and spent  this summer as rich and exciting as possible!

In June we visited the Northern capital of Russia! St. Petersburg is not just a city, it is a whole phenomenon, a spatial portal, incomparable energy.

The second large-scale event of the summer was our traditional tourist rally, which took place on August 6 at the recreation center! More than 130 employees of Fruitreal from Polotsk, Mogilev, Bobruisk, Slutsk, Pinsk during the day showed a high level of training both in the sports part of the program and in the amateur competition.

The company's employees perform their official duties professionally, but also demonstrated their talents at the highest level. This proves once again that our employees are positive, bright and incredibly talented!


The last week of summer is left, but do not be sad, at any time of the year you can actively and interestingly spend time, and get maximum positive emotions from it!

If you know how to work, be able to relax, just like #ludifrutreala!


  • Own logistics center
  • 25 years work experience
  • Extensive network direct foreign suppliers
  • Seasonality change fruits and vegetables
  • Sales network in the country