Import and wholesale trade
dried fruits, fruits and vegetables in the Republic of Belarus
Danilenko Egor
Quality and Product Handling Manager
"No theory, program or government policy can make an enterprise successful: only people can do it." A. Morita, founder of the company "Sony" Danilenko Yegor Viktorovich came to the company as an expert on the quality of goods in July 2005. For 10 years he studied the warehouse operation process, actively improving his professional skills and building fruitful relationships with the team. He mastered the work of a warehouse complex manager.


Today he manages and organizes all the work on assessing the quality of goods during acceptance and handling. Provides methodological guidance for assessing the quality of goods before loading, during acceptance at regional warehouses. "My main task is to provide everything necessary to ensure that the company's products are of the highest quality, because competitors are not asleep. Only after I have checked everything and made sure that the goods and services comply with GOSTs, standards and regulations, they are" allowed " to people. Food goes to stores, and from there to our refrigerators. "
Thanks to employees like Egor, our company's products are getting better, they are being bought more often, and the business is expanding. But the most important result is, of course, satisfied consumers and their trust, which is most valuable.



  • Own logistics center
  • 25 years work experience
  • Extensive network direct foreign suppliers
  • Seasonality change fruits and vegetables
  • Sales network in the country