Import and wholesale trade
dried fruits, fruits and vegetables in the Republic of Belarus

History of the company

  • 1995
    The Company's activity in the fruit market began in 1995, when Boris Tslaf and Sergey Dumpa organized the first banana sales in the city of Polotsk.
  • 2000th
    In subsequent years, the range of goods and geography of supplies expanded, new markets were mastered
    and the country, created and developed its own logistics complex:
    both central in the city of Polotsk with an area of 10,000 square meters, and 20 regional warehouses covering the entire territory of Belarus.
  • 2007-...
    By this year, the company has become the No. 1 supplier in the market of fresh fruits and vegetables in Belarus.
    The existing potential, accumulated experience and knowledge allowed the Company to overcome the serious problems with government bodies that arose in 2007 and to resume operations in 2013 under the previous name.
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Over the past 5 years, the sales volume has grown by 300 percent and amounted to 1,500 tons per week, and for the main groups of goods, taking into account the change in the assortment, the level of 2007 has been reached.

  • 20 warehouses in Belarus
    Warehouses of a modern format were opened, where you can buy goods wholesale and retail
  • The presence in the Company of the transport company "SBS"
    That allows her to be independent in matters of delivery of goods, including in "peak" situations.
  • Unique analytical base and new technologies
    Business processes were automated, an electronic address storage system was developed and implemented.
  • More than 400 employees
    The company gives each of them the opportunity to work in a stable, successful and significant business with advanced training
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Today the Company is a stable and well-established system with traditions that our children will continue
  • Modern knowledge of the European level, acquired abroad and improving in Belarus, allows them to introduce new ideas and projects, which gives business the opportunity to enter a new stage of development.
  • In particular, one of the founder's sons is in charge of the innovation and development business of the Company. Under his competent guidance,
    purchasing specialists have complete market information on assigned products and buy fruits and vegetables on the best terms.
  • Own logistics center
  • 25 years work experience
  • Extensive network direct foreign suppliers
  • Seasonality change fruits and vegetables
  • Sales network in the country